Round aluminum cake mould

Round aluminum cake mould

Round cake mould in 99.5% aluminum available from ø 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 40 cm. ITALIAN PRODUCT.

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Cylindrical cake pan in pure aluminum 99,5%, ideal for cooking cakes in the oven. The aluminum when pure at 99.5% as in this product becomes the perfect material for cooking, in fact anything can rival the heat transmission of this element. Only Aluminum allows the effective regulation of the temperature in the various stages of cooking, and then the heat is distributed uniformly on the bottom or on the walls, thus reducing the risk of local overheating and burns. 

The aluminum in this state of purity is perfect from the point of view of sanitation and also the dark patina that is formed by spontaneous oxidation inside the pan, constitutes a real barrier INERT completely harmless for foods.

One piece of advice that we give you is to always check when buying the material is PURE ALUMINIUM AL 99,5% as required by the European regulations with regard to containers which come into contact with food.

Product variants

Code TORT.CIL.D.20

7,32 € VAT included
6,00 € Without VAT

Diameter cm.: 20

Height cm.: 4,8

Qty :


Code TORT.CIL.D.22

7,42 € VAT included
6,08 € Without VAT

Diameter cm.: 22

Height cm.: 5,5

Qty :


Code TORT.CIL.D.24

8,88 € VAT included
7,28 € Without VAT

Diameter cm.: 24

Height cm.: 5,8

Qty :


Code TORT.CIL.D.26

10,89 € VAT included
8,93 € Without VAT

Diameter cm.: 26

Height cm.: 06

Qty :


Code TORT.CIL.D.30

13,27 € VAT included
10,88 € Without VAT

Diameter cm.: 30

Height cm.: 6,3

Qty :


Code TORT.CIL.D.40

22,79 € VAT included
18,68 € Without VAT

Diameter cm.: 40

Height cm.: 6,5

Qty :


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