Non-stick baking paper teflon-coated

Non-stick baking paper teflon-coated

Teflon coated non-stick paper size cm. 60x40 and 60x80 for cooking and freezing all doughs which require the non-stick.

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Dimensions cm.


LONG DURATION non-stick sheet coated with green Teflon, a non-stick material with excellent qualities. Its main feature is resistance which guarantees many baking without altering its non-stick quality, especially with bakery products with high percentage of sugar. It can be used in electric, ventilated and tunnel ovens. This product can be used with temperatures ranging from -200 ° C to + 260 ° C.


  • Place the sheet on a baking pan, also on a perforated one.
  • Do not grease.
  • Check that the paper is clean and dry before you place the doughs.
  • After rising immediately go to cooking.
  • When the product is cooked remove every pieces manually or gently lift one side of the sheet in order to make the products to slide out.
  • It would be a good rule to wash the sheet after each use with warm water and a soft sponge.
  • Do not use cutter or brushes of any kind, do not bend.

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